Jo Swan

Daughter of Shadows

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About the Author

Born in Sydney, Australia, Jo Swan felt she was destined to write or illustrate her own novel. She started drawing at a tender age of four and soon discovered that it would become a driving force in her life. With an artistic soul, during her school years, Jo Swan immersed herself in writing, poetry, arts and dance. By the end of high school, she took a detour from her creative self and studied pharmacy.

After graduating from Sydney University, Jo Swan enjoyed her career as a pharmacist. But there was always a yearning in her heart to provide an artistic expression of the human condition.



A little girl is born and raised in a violent household where she witnesses domestic violence. Blossoming into a young lady, she cut ties from her abusive father, but painful memories still haunt her. Travelling back to her parent’s home country and meeting long lost relatives, she finds herself thrust into the complex world of her father’s past and unravels the darkness in his heart.

Art Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. I love expressing myself through painting and believe art is a powerful form of communication.